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It is not often that I stumble upon a book about horses which captures my interest and it is even less frequently that reading such a book resonates with me, while it is absolutely rare for me to feel a need to recommend it to as many humans possible. Yet it is just such a book that I have recently discovered, read and returned to in order to study, review and recommend it.

No, it is not without its flaws – which mainly entail a discrepancy between some of the author’s studies and observations, on the one hand, and the conclusions that she draws, on the other – but then what book is without flaws? Yet it is a book that I firmly believe no horse lover can afford to ignore because of the huge contribution which it makes to our understanding of the nature of horses and how this may impact our interaction with them. So just what is this book, who has written it and why do I seek to recommend it far and wide?

Click on this link to find out: http://www.horsesandhumans.com/documents/book-review.pdf

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