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At about one o’clock in the afternoon of Thursday, 13 June 2019 yet another horse dies in the world. Gaunt and lean, his massive frame, which has earned him his name, fills the space before his small, slim handler. Their eyes locked on each other, the gentle giant responds as readily to her calm energy as his once powerful legs shakily allow. The needle goes in and he shakes his head. Gently the wisp of a woman urges him on while stroking his face. He stands for her as upright and erect as an old gelding can be. Time stands still or so it seems and then, as if in slow motion, his dilapidated body topples and slides to the ground. Within moments he is pronounced dead. And then a miracle happens.

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Really? A guaranteed connection with my horse, is there such a thing? Isn’t this what every horse trainer worth the title is selling? You may not have the horse of your dreams but the dream of your horse connecting with you, is this not a dream that can come true? What if I was to tell you that it is, that it can and that it absolutely does not require any training of the horse, would you be interested in finding out how?

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In the past few months the Horses and Humans group on Facebook has been inundated with posts advertising the perfect training fix for humans who have problems relating their horse. They have promised answers to all of the relationship issues that we lesser mortals encounter with horses … in return for a fee, of course. Whether unfortunately or not, I have had to delete them all because they did not comply with the group’s advertising policy. I had all but forgotten those promises of the perfect horse-human relationship when yesterday morning an incident occurred with one of our mares which left me feeling absolutely shattered and wondering whether I should not consider attending one of those courses promising the perfect horse-human relationship. Continue Reading »

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It is not often that I stumble upon a book about horses which captures my interest and it is even less frequently that reading such a book resonates with me, while it is absolutely rare for me to feel a need to recommend it to as many humans possible. Yet it is just such a book that I have recently discovered, read and returned to in order to study, review and recommend it.

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Much, if not most of the time that we humans spend interacting with our horse is devoted to behaviourist training, such as habituation, or positive or negative reinforcement. How many of us are aware that behaviourist training is not only exceedingly limited but also even destructive? Continue Reading »

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