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Healing Horses

We stare into the open space of the horse trailer (float) and admire the abundance of space and light. Will Anaïs think the same? The owner of the trailer has kindly offered it to us to use as practice for the big day to the clinic. Travelling in big horse trucks has not really been an issue for Anaïs, but the usually confined space of trailers is something else as we noticed quite frequently in Australia. So we want to make sure the trip to the veterinary clinic will go as smoothly as possible and thus we rehearse this part.

Anaïs in the trailer on the way to the vet

Anaïs in the trailer on the way to the vet

First Andrew asks her to walk up the ramp with him after giving her time to investigate the trailer. She is actually quite curious and after a few attempts goes in without any panic or worries. I make sure I am in the trailer and once she is in, praise her lots and then gently ask her to back out in a straight line. A couple of days later we repeat the exercise, and again, there are no issues at all.

On the morning of departure, Harry, the proud owner of the beautiful two-horse Mercedes-Benz horse van, arrives early just to make sure we give ourselves plenty of time. He is calmness exemplified, both during loading and driving. Unfortunately, Anaïs, like most of the mares at the stables, has started cycling again due to the warm temperature, and this time it has really upset the applecart. For a couple of days now, she has been unusually stressed, not wanting to leave the other horses when we take her for our walk in the forest. She has been on Chastetree berries (Agnus Castus or Monnikspeper) for her hormones before and up till now they have really helped, but they seem to have no effect today! I remain positive and visualise her going into the van without any problems. It takes a little bit of persuasion but then she is in. Harry closes the doors and off we go. I accompany him and can see Anaïs on the video camera attached in the cabin. She is clearly not happy, stomping her feet and whinnying frequently. Once on the freeway, she settles down a little, only to start again when we get to the narrow, windy country road leading up to the clinic.

We are so early that we have ample time to stretch our legs and let Anaïs eat in the lush apple orchard. The clinic is run by a team of veterinarians who all have studied additional ‘alternative’ modalities such as chiropractic work, acupuncture, homeopathy etc. In treating a sick animal, the emphasis is on looking at the whole animal, not just the sick part. They ‘measure’ the energy of various organs and tissues with the aid of a so-called Lecher antenne. It resembles a ruler with two pieces of wire attached to one side of it. The actual measuring is done by the number of turns the Lecher antenne can make and the ratio to the positive and negative values determines which organ and/or tissue is unbalanced and to what degree. They are able to measure up to 3000 frequencies with this instrument. Every organ or tissue has its own unique energy frequency. Once this is ‘set’ on the Lecher instrument, the vet is able to measure whether this frequency is out of balance.

The imbalance in Anaïs was measured In her sacro-iliac joints, which were gently manipulated. It was obvious her hormones were taking control of her as she was very nervous and anxious during the first part of the treatment. Some acupuncture and homeopathic drops calmed her down somewhat. All in all, the treatment lasted for well over an hour. On the picture you can see Anaïs wearing a blanket with some crystals on it and to which some electrodes were attached linking them to a measuring device to pick up yet more energy frequencies.

Anaïs fooling around at the vet.

Anaïs fooling around at the vet.

Well, I must admit, all of this was rather novel to me, apart from the acupuncture and homeopathy in which I am a firm believer. One thing was obvious though: she was very quiet on the trip home, munched on some hay and seemed to be asleep at other times when I saw her on the monitor.

So, has the treatment helped we hear you ask? Too early to tell, really. The advice was to just walk in straight lines for the next two to three weeks, and then, very gently, ask her to trot on a large circle and check her spine, hindquarters and front feet for any signs of discomfort. The vet would like to see her again in about six weeks time. In the meantime she gets homeopathic drops twice a day for her kidneys (according to ancient Chinese medicine, the kidney is in control of the feet and bones, and manufactures marrow) and drops to stimulate her overall immune system.

Needless to say, Anaïs does not mind taking these on some bread…

6 Responses to “Healing Horses”

  1. Heather Binns says:

    Wow! that place looks interesting Vicki! Hope you see an improvement in Anaiis!

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Heather

      Yes, it is an interesting place. I have never been to a veterinary clinic housed in such a beautiful building; I hope to post some more pictures soon. According to Andrew, who has been walking with Anaiis for the past week (unfortunately I am down with the flu) she seems straighter already when cantering up to him in the paddock. Fingers crossed…

  2. Dear Vicky, interesting to read your report. I sincerely hope that Anaïs will benefit.
    I myself have been using the Lecher Antenne for checking all sorts of imbalances during the past 10+ years. For my own horse but also for other people’s horses. Is it perhaps an idea for you to do a course here in Holland so you have a device you can use when back home. The way I work with (actually it is part of my paid work as an holistic trainer/coach) it is checking my horse a soon as there are any signs of discomfort. Even when there are no signs of discomfort yet I use the LA as an instrument to measure preventively. That way more often than not you can wait with calling the vet which saves money and perhaps also unnecessary suffering by the horse but also by the owner . Rob (father) and Astrid (daughter) Tax are people who do give courses. They live in Vlaardingen. There is also an holistic vet Erik Laarakker who did give courses regularly. Do not know if he still does. Have not seen or spoken with him for quite some time now. He is living in De Bilt.
    There is a third person I know of… Gerrit Zomer. A very nice and gentle person who did give courses as well. However, I have completely lost sight of him.
    After you have become very familiar with the workings of the LA you can even measure at a bit more distance from the body and so discover if the signs of discomfort are originating from some emotionel issue which show up in the form of physical complaints or behavioural changes. After all any physical discomfort has its origine at a level that I also call or rather is called the QEDlevel (quantumelectrodynamic) where there is just only energy consisting of light and sound waves. These waves carry packages of information. As we cannot see nor hear (well Marta can, I think) that (yet) the information can only be made visible through our body.
    The NES Health system has the possibility to scan the horses’ body field and also shed light on any human influences to be found in the animal’s body field that might trigger physical symptoms in the horse. I do not mean to say that regular vet attention whether it is holistic or not can then be set aside altogether. Nothing of that sort. PLease do not misunderstand me. If you are interested to find out more about the NESscan system I am perfectly willing to tell you more.
    There is an interesting book written by Candace Pert THE MOLECULES OF EMOTION.
    Meanhwile wishing you & Anaïs all the best. Take care. Geerteke

    • Vicki says:

      Dear Geerteke

      Thank you so much for the advice you give regarding various therapies. We actually took Anaiis to Eric Laarakker’s place in De Bilt. One of the other vets there (Tomas Nespor) did the measuring, but asked Eric’s opinion on a few things as well.

      I am reading an interesting book at the moment called ‘Your hands Can Heal You” by Stephen Co and Eric Robins. They too describe that illness or health problems are the result of blockages in the flow of life force (or prana as they call it) and can be detected in these energy fields with the help of various techniques. Would it not be wonderful if we all had the ability to sense and ‘treat’ these energetic disturbances before they manifest themselves in a physical form! The LA seems to be one of those detection devices that seems quite accurate and I think it is certainly something I want to research a bit more.

      Regarding the Nesscan: I had a brief look at that too, but for some or other reason I did not feel inclined to check it out further. Perhaps this system is not what we need at this point, but thank you for your kind offer to explain more about it.

      Take care,

  3. Laraine Bunt says:

    Wonderful to see that Energy work and healing is being taken so serious with horses over there… The Molecule of Emotion book is an amazing read. Kinergetics that I work with is an energy based modality working with Kineasology muscle testing and finding out where emotions are trapped in the human and animal body and then by giving Reiki energy to these areas the build up of energy that is causing the problem is released…. it seems that the Lecher Antenne works the same way…
    Firm believer in homeopathic drops especially flower remedies for stress.
    Sounds like a wonderful vet you have found.

    • Vicki says:

      Hello Laraine

      Compared to Australia, ‘alternative’ therapies or complementary healthcare as they prefer to call it, are not as easily accessible here. There is even an (recognized) anti-quak organisation whose sole aim it is to ‘discredit’ any ‘alternative’ procedure or treatment carried out by doctors or veterinarians and to convince the authorities of the danger of these treatments. The homeopathic vet who treats Dubu told me he can only use homeopathy WITHIN his conventional work, otherwise he would lose his licence! So only the ‘hopeless’ cases that cannot be treated conventionally, come his way.

      Although I have heard a lot about Kinesiology I have never done or experienced it myself. There are so many energy based treatment methods, like acupuncture, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch etc. In fact this brings me back to a comment made by Klaus Hempfling in the first Compact Schooling I attended last year. According to him, ‘healers’ are interfering with destiny. He said sick people need to take responsibility for their own health (which is their destiny) and that in the case of a sick animal a healer (for example a Reiki master) loses the connection with the ground when he treats the animal but cannot connect it to the person?? I put a big question mark next to the statement then, and am still not sure what he meant!

      That I am responsible for my own health, I do realize, although outside factors such as chemicals, polluted air etc will probably play a role as well. I can take control in the way I want to be treated or treat myself, but how does this apply to our animals? Is Klaus in fact saying that sickness in our animals always occurs as a result of imbalance in their humans?

      Interesting question!