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25 July is The Equine Touch day, and yesterday it marked 21 years since this marvellous equine bodywork modality started to develop into what it has become. It was also a day which heralded the start of an Equine Touch awareness week and an opportunity to reflect on visions and achievements. As part of this process, I reread an interview with Jock Ruddock, the founder of The Equine Touch, published in Natural Horse Magazine in 2007, in which he was asked where he saw Equine Touch going over the next ten years. This was his reply. Continue Reading »

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Horse and HumanIt is in a state of total awareness that we are open to one of the greatest, relatively unexplored and largely undeveloped gifts that we have at our disposal. I am referring to our ability to sense energy, our own and that of others, to influence and be influenced by other sources of energy, especially those of living creatures such as the horse, and to do all of this consciously and intuitively. Continue Reading »

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The chances are that your horse would not choose to follow you, even if you possessed all of the qualities that would make you the most enlightened leader the world has ever seen. Why not? To answer this question we need to examine why horses choose to follow others of their own species. Continue Reading »

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When all is said and done, I truly believe that this is the litmus test of a human’s ability to be fully human with their horse. And it is simultaneously the lesson that encompasses all of the others. If all of us could do this with our horses, how much more fulfilling would their lives not be? (Taken from “Lessons Taught Me by My Horse” in the book, When Horses Speak and Humans Listen. For more information see http://www.horsesandhumans.com/mainsite/whsahl.htm.) Continue Reading »

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For years I have looked on “equine-aided”, “equine-facilitated” and “equine-guided” activities with some misgivings. In the main this is probably because these terms impute a role to the horse which is secondary to that of the human. They also seem to suggest that it is acceptable for us humans to unload our emotional or psychological baggage onto horses. In particular, I have grave doubts about the use (I use the term advisedly) of horses in programmes designed to boost the profitability of private companies and, as such, increase the earnings of a privileged few at the expense of the many. Continue Reading »

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